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Historic Video Game Consoles

Video games over the past 57 years With history that goes as far back as the 1960’s, video game consoles are very prominent in homes across America. Video game consoles at one point had very small memory capacities, only being used for simpler games. As time advanced, so did technology. Soon video game consoles became more high-tech and were able to process more advanced games. The development of video games and video game consoles went hand in hand as time went on. The history of video game consoles, however, offers a unique insight of the video game world. The beginnings …

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How They Used to Access Video Games

With it being the 21 st century, technology is at one of its highest peaks in the history of technology. This peak affects many different things, but it especially affects video games. More specifically, the rise in technology has affected how we currently access video games. The digital library Nowadays video game enthusiasts across the world have access to a massive digital library that holds the most popular games, and even the not-so- popular games. Video gamers are able to pre-order the most in-demand games, up to a year in advanced in some cases. While there is still the option …

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