Can Video Games Cause Health Problems?

Video games can cause health problems like skin disorders and repetitive strain injuries. They can also provoke epileptic seizures, and can even cause death in extreme cases. Fortunately, death caused by video games is rare. General Results of Studies About Video Games-Related Health Issues Students who played violent video games in middle school and high school had a more forceful behavior. The time they spent in playing had a relation to their low grades. Some games also had links to violence and aggressive behavior. Other games even caused fearful behavior over the short term. Studies showed that children who played …

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one of the first video game systems atari

Historic Video Game Consoles

Video games over the past 57 years With history that goes as far back as the 1960’s, video game consoles are very prominent in homes across America. Video game consoles at one point had very small memory capacities, only being used for simpler games. As time advanced, so did technology. Soon video game consoles became more high-tech and were able to process more advanced games. The development of video games and video game consoles went hand in hand as time went on. The history of video game consoles, however, offers a unique insight of the video game world. The beginnings …

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