Five Benefits of Playing Video Games

Parents, in the past, have been known to oppose their children’s desire to play video games. In this modern world, however, it has been proven that video games, in fact, help a person’s growth in more ways than one. As proof to this, here are five benefits you can get from playing video games.

  1. Your social skills will be practiced.

Most games nowadays have an online system, where users can interact with one another – be it trading, chatting, or dueling. Players will learn to communicate with their peers as they traverse the different worlds gaming has to offer. They’ll also learn about various people with unique personalities and how to address them. Games can be treated as socialization practice and can make way for some lasting friendships.

  1. Your hand-eye coordination will improve.

Most names will need the player to look at the screen, observing, while performing a certain action on the keyboard or the console of their choice; you will need to coordinate your physical movement to what you currently see onscreen. Hand-eye coordination will not only help you ace that level but will also aid you in day to day life in activities such as writing and driving. A study even showed that surgeons who played games more than three hours a week performed more accurately than those who didn’t!

  1. You will want to learn more.

Video games not only feature entertaining game-mechanics; most also have a rich story, sometimes grounded in real-life events. These stories manage to captivate the game’s players – enough for some of them to read through the history of the world the game is set in and the characters they’ve come to love. It’s common today to find books that explain a certain game’s world extensively, mostly purchased by players who want to know more about the alternate life they’re living inside the game. Being inspired by the game’s story also paves the way for some players to create – writing fan fiction or drawing parts of the game that they cherish.

  1. Your stress will be reduced.

Much like any other hobby, gaming is a pastime for people who want to step back from their duties for a while and relax. Whether your game involves building houses from different colored blocks or defeating the enemy’s base, the main purpose of games is the gamer’s entertainment. There are different game genres designed for different people – you’ll be sure to find one that suits your tastes.

  1. Your decision-making will be faster.

Most games call for the gamer to make decisions or solve puzzles within a length of time. The gamer’s mind is stimulated through game play – some games even require you to search for clues within the environment until you have enough to form a conclusion. By racing against time, your decision-making skills will be exercised, making you more decisive, yet also conscious of the fact that your decision will bring consequences.

It has been proven time and time again, that gaming can be good for its players. However, too much of a good thing can be bad too – it’s best for gaming, or any other hobby for that matter, to be done in moderation no matter its numerous benefits.


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