Five Ways You Can Earn Money by Playing Video Games

Gone are the days when gaming is a simple pastime – it’s now a celebrated part of this modern world. By just sitting at home, enjoying your chosen game, you can rake in cash to support your lifestyle. To further prove this, here are four ways you can earn money just by playing video games.


  1. Live Streams

There are several live-streaming websites on the Internet where you can show your gaming prowess, like Twitch and YouTube Gaming. It may be hard to gain a following at first, but if you prove to be skilled at the game you’re streaming, or just entertaining in general, people will start to notice. Donations can be sent to the streamer as they’re playing. Additionally, ads during the live stream can be monetized for added income!

  1. YouTube Let’s Plays

It’s no secret that YouTube is one of the biggest platforms on the Internet. Like live streaming, becoming a YouTuber is no easy feat – you have to be persistent in showing the audience that you’re someone worth watching. Once your views and subscriptions go up, you can start monetizing the ads on your videos. Some companies may also take notice of your building fame and offer sponsorship’s which you can use to further your growing career.

  1. Become a Play Tester

Games are being developed every passing second; if you want to become a play tester for up and coming games, all you have to do is search the Internet for job listings. There are quite a few companies willing to pay for people’s opinions or insight on their games – however, this job may also include playing a portion of the game over and over just to see if there are any bugs; tedious, but also integral to a game’s development.

  1. Write about games

If you’re someone who has proficient writing and gaming skills, writing about games you’ve played can be an option. There are different types of writing you can do in regards to video games; you can write guides, reviews, or just news about games in general. However, if you do consider writing about games, you also have to keep in mind the popularity of the game you’re writing about. If you’re looking for a huge stream of readers, more popular titles should be at the top of your list.

  1. Competitive gaming

Gaming is now considered a sport. E-gamers are people who invest themselves into months of training. They play their chosen game over and over until they can be deemed professionals in the gaming community. If you’re prepared to handle this intense training, you can attempt to join these tournaments – moreover, you also need a strong heart, prepared for cycles of winning and losing. The prize pools for different tournament varies, but you’ll also garner international attention, giving way to several sponsorship. If you think you’re “pro” enough to try, give it a go!

Indeed, earning money while doing something you love sounds wonderful. However, you also have to keep in mind that gaming is a stress-free hobby, and if you pursue a career out of it, you’re also taking away the escape it provides you. Sometimes, mixing “hobby” and “job” together is not a good idea, but the choice is ultimately yours.


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