Four Times Video Games Saved Lives

It’s a well-established fact that video games have its benefits; however, some of the lesser mentioned benefits video games have are stories when the games themselves paved the way for gamers to save other people’s lives. Here are four of these said stories where heroic gamers managed to save the day.

  1. Saved from a moose by World of Warcraft

A 12-year old boy named Hans Olsen was walking to school with his 10-year old sister when a moose came out of nowhere, charging at them. The moose was much bigger than the two of them – so Hans knew he had to take action to protect his sister. Hans was an avid World of Warcraft (WoW) player and picked up a thing or two about unfriendly beasts – the first thing he knew, was that he had to lead the moose away from his little sister. He successfully held “aggro” – or in other words, made the beast focus its attention solely on him.

The moose charged at him, but he blocked it with his backpack. He then used another tactic he learned from WoW – feign death. He laid on the ground, pretending to be lifeless until the moose lost interest and scampered away – truly a “pro” move on Hans’ part.

  1. Saved from house fire by Evony players

Robert Chambers was an avid player of Evony, a Facebook-based game. One particular day, his playing was cut short when his toaster caught on fire, flames threatening to burn his entire house down. Robert had muscular dystrophy and had trouble moving on his own, so he did what he thought he should do – he broadcasted his home address on his game, asking for help and explaining his situation. Luckily, kindhearted gamers responded immediately, and Robert was saved from the house fire before he could get hurt.

  1. Learning driving from Mario Kart

Gryffin Sanders, a 10-year old boy, was in a car with his Great-Grandmother at the wheel, his younger brother at the back. They were cruising at a solid 60 mph when his 74-year old grandmother passed out, probably due to a heart attack. Panicked, Gryffin attempted to wake up his Grandma, but to no avail. He then took it upon himself to save the three of them by stirring the car towards a muddy ditch. When later asked about his driving skills, he credited hours of playing Mario Kart.

  1. Learning First Aid from America’s Army

Paxton Galvanek was driving along the highway when the SUV in front of him lost control and flipped upside down. He decided that he was going to help – although he had no prior medical experience, he had played America’s Army, where a crash course on EMT-training was given to players. Paxton pulled out the passenger and upon discovering that the passenger lost two fingers, dressed the wounds in a towel and told the passenger to put his hands up to prevent blood loss. He then ascertained any additional injuries the passenger had, helping until the paramedics arrived.

The media usually market video games as tools to promote violence. This is not the case, however. Video games intend to entertain, inspire, and amuse – it is up to the players themselves to determine however they want to use the knowledge they acquire. These instances above prove that in this vast world, players with pure hearts are not hard to come by.