How to Make a Video Game

coding video games a a career

Exponential Popularity

Video games are one of the most popular forms of entertainment across the world to this
very day. They have a long history, dating back to 1971, and have appeared in homes and
businesses across the world. Though they are not as popular as they once were, arcades
were home to plentiful video games, creating entertainment for everyone of all ages in
one indoor place.

Over the course of time, with the rise of technology, video games have
undergone quite the change. From 8-bit games to the most advanced games you can see
on many popular video game consuls, the past years have granted us a plethora of video

With change, though, comes change in price. The cost of video games has advanced just
as the video games themselves have. You have to take into consideration what goes into
that price—the crew who works on the games, cost of technology, etc. This usually does
not stop gamers worldwide. Video games continue to draw an audience, no matter the
price or availability, there is always a video game to satisfy at least one gamer.

Making it a career

Some of these video game players take their video game passion to the next level: they
become artists. Some video game players will take the business route into a career with
video games; obtaining an internship, landing a job with a large video game developing
company, etc. Others, take matters into their own hands. You can create your very own
video game, on a budget, and with everything under your control. Below is a quick
overview on how to make a video game!

The best place to start is with an idea. Before you go jumping into video game
making, you should have an idea first. Start by determining what genre of video game
you will be creating. Are you wanting to create a simulation game, or maybe a first
shooter game? Either way, determine your genre before you move onward to creation.

After you have determined what kind of video game genre your video game will be,
design your games main character(s). From there you can branch off and continue
creating your game. You can write your script, write down any plots you want to
incorporate, and even hand draw your characters. Not a writer or a drawer? That’s okay!
This step is just a prepping step for your new video game creation!

Choose a video game software. This is where the technical part comes into play. It
is extremely important to understand what system your computer is running, and also
what kind of program your computer can support. There is no such thing as too much
research for this step. It is better to be informed and prepared than to be uninformed
and unprepared.

Begin creating in your software. The type of software you use can vary in cost, from
free to very expensive. In this case, the more money you are willing to invest, the more
you will be able to do with your video game software. Don’t let that discourage you,
though! Anyone can create an awesome video game with any kind of software. It just
takes time, patience, creativity, and dedication!