The Making of Video Games

Plenty of people play video games for lots of reasons. This is a fun and enjoyable entertainment medium that has captured the interest of people of all ages and walks of life. It can be played online, through video game consoles, mobile phones, desktop computers and arcades. The idea of video games was first created then given a patent by Thomas T. Goldsmith and Estle Ray Mann. The first video game ever produced was launched in 1962, entitled . Making video games can be a challenge since developers often need to concentrate on producing innovative games and guarantee that the …

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How Video Games Improve Problem-Solving Skills

Most people believe that playing video games is just a waste of time. Not necessarily so. Jane McGonigal desires to change the conception of people with regard to video games as a form of escape or guilty pleasure. According to her, games are tools that can improve relationships, cognitive strengths, mood, and attention. Research showed that Call of Duty and other mainstream games could improve cognitive abilities more than games designed to do so. In 2014, a document entitled “A Consensus on the Brain Training Industry from the Scientific Community,” seven neurosciences objected to the claim that brain-teaser games enhance …

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Four Times Video Games Saved Lives

It’s a well-established fact that video games have its benefits; however, some of the lesser mentioned benefits video games have are stories when the games themselves paved the way for gamers to save other people’s lives. Here are four of these said stories where heroic gamers managed to save the day. Saved from a moose by World of Warcraft A 12-year old boy named Hans Olsen was walking to school with his 10-year old sister when a moose came out of nowhere, charging at them. The moose was much bigger than the two of them – so Hans knew he …

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Five Ways You Can Earn Money by Playing Video Games

Gone are the days when gaming is a simple pastime – it’s now a celebrated part of this modern world. By just sitting at home, enjoying your chosen game, you can rake in cash to support your lifestyle. To further prove this, here are four ways you can earn money just by playing video games.         Live Streams There are several live-streaming websites on the Internet where you can show your gaming prowess, like Twitch and YouTube Gaming. It may be hard to gain a following at first, but if you prove to be skilled at the …

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Five Benefits of Playing Video Games

Parents, in the past, have been known to oppose their children’s desire to play video games. In this modern world, however, it has been proven that video games, in fact, help a person’s growth in more ways than one. As proof to this, here are five benefits you can get from playing video games. Your social skills will be practiced. Most games nowadays have an online system, where users can interact with one another – be it trading, chatting, or dueling. Players will learn to communicate with their peers as they traverse the different worlds gaming has to offer. They’ll …

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Can Video Games Cause Health Problems?

Video games can cause health problems like skin disorders and repetitive strain injuries. They can also provoke epileptic seizures, and can even cause death in extreme cases. Fortunately, death caused by video games is rare. General Results of Studies About Video Games-Related Health Issues Students who played violent video games in middle school and high school had a more forceful behavior. The time they spent in playing had a relation to their low grades. Some games also had links to violence and aggressive behavior. Other games even caused fearful behavior over the short term. Studies showed that children who played …

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coding video games a a career

How to Make a Video Game

Exponential Popularity Video games are one of the most popular forms of entertainment across the world to this very day. They have a long history, dating back to 1971, and have appeared in homes and businesses across the world. Though they are not as popular as they once were, arcades were home to plentiful video games, creating entertainment for everyone of all ages in one indoor place. Over the course of time, with the rise of technology, video games have undergone quite the change. From 8-bit games to the most advanced games you can see on many popular video game …

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rpg video games in strange worlds

Video Game Ganres

Did you know that video games have genres, not types? A lot of modern games offer a hybrid of video game genres (different genres in one video game), but others still stick with specific genres. Here is a quick overview of different video game genres and the pest they can be. 1. Shooter and First Person Shooter The shooter genre of video games is perhaps the oldest video game genre. It involves basically shooting various objects or other characters in the video game. In this genre, you see all parties involved—including the shooter. You can see the whole area around …

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one of the first video game systems atari

Historic Video Game Consoles

Video games over the past 57 years With history that goes as far back as the 1960’s, video game consoles are very prominent in homes across America. Video game consoles at one point had very small memory capacities, only being used for simpler games. As time advanced, so did technology. Soon video game consoles became more high-tech and were able to process more advanced games. The development of video games and video game consoles went hand in hand as time went on. The history of video game consoles, however, offers a unique insight of the video game world. The beginnings …

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video games xbox system

How They Used to Access Video Games

With it being the 21 st century, technology is at one of its highest peaks in the history of technology. This peak affects many different things, but it especially affects video games. More specifically, the rise in technology has affected how we currently access video games. The digital library Nowadays video game enthusiasts across the world have access to a massive digital library that holds the most popular games, and even the not-so- popular games. Video gamers are able to pre-order the most in-demand games, up to a year in advanced in some cases. While there is still the option …

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