How They Used to Access Video Games

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With it being the 21 st century, technology is at one of its highest peaks in the history of
technology. This peak affects many different things, but it especially affects video games.
More specifically, the rise in technology has affected how we currently access video

The digital library

Nowadays video game enthusiasts across the world have access to a massive digital
library that holds the most popular games, and even the not-so- popular games. Video
gamers are able to pre-order the most in-demand games, up to a year in advanced in
some cases. While there is still the option of buying physical copies of video games from
various stores, the access to a massive digital video game library may soon make this
access to video games irrelevant.

Accessing video games from the infamous massive digital video game library was not
always the way to access video games. Video games have a long history, packed with
different technological advancements.

Dating back to the 1950s, video games were not always in home systems. During the
early history of video games, many systems were so simple that they only held one game,
and only a few were developed. Access to these early systems was limited to video game
players, but still paved the way for the future of video games.

After this time, the video game industry started to grow in conjunction with technology,
meaning that video games were becoming more popular. In 1971, the first arcade opened
its doors. At that point, that was the only way to get access to video games. The
technology for video games was not advanced enough to create in-home systems that
encompassed the already popular video games. Even though the first in-home system
was created in the late 1950s, it was not very popular until the first arcade open.

This is, technically, the best way for video gamers to access video games during this time
(through an arcade). With the rise of video games, arcades were very popular before the
in-home video game consoles rose to popularity. Video gamers across the community
were able to gather, play, and even compete with the arcade video games.

Home console systems become popular

Once the in-home video game consoles rose to popularity, the access to video games
shifted. Arcades were still relevant at that time, offering a different type of video game
that the current in-home video game consoles could not at the time. To get games for
your in-home console, you had to actually go to a specific store to buy them. How you
got to that store was completely dependent on where you were in life at the time.
Accessing video games through an arcade or through store lasted quite a few years. It
was not until the 21 st century that video gamers across the world could access new and
old video games through a virtual library. Back then, accessing a video game took more
time, but required the video gamer to be more social. The video game industry has
shifted in its time, but it is an ever-growing industry that still satisfies the worlds