Video Game Ganres

rpg video games in strange worlds

Did you know that video games have genres, not types? A lot of modern games offer a
hybrid of video game genres (different genres in one video game), but others still stick
with specific genres. Here is a quick overview of different video game genres and the pest they can be.

1. Shooter and First Person Shooter

The shooter genre of video games is perhaps the oldest video game genre. It involves
basically shooting various objects or other characters in the video game. In this genre,
you see all parties involved—including the shooter. You can see the whole area around
you, so there will be no immediate surprises.

The first person shooter video game genre runs on similar concepts, except you do not
physically see the shooter. The player(s) in this genre are the shooters, and what you see
is what you would see if you were the person behind the gun. You get a full forward view,
but cannot see behind or next to you unless you move the camera around.

2. Adventure and Platform

The adventure genre encompasses a story line and various tasks for the player(s) to
complete. This often involves frequent written texts (or character dialoges) that depict
the story to the player(s). Often times these dialoges direct the player(s) to their next
mission or assignment. This video game genre is actually very popular amongst
computer games.

The best way to explain a platform game is by providing you with the example of Mario
or Donkey Kong. This video game genre involves completing levels, jumping, “killing”,
collecting various items, all in a set time frame. You complete levels across various maps
in order to beat the game.

3. Role Playing Games, Puzzle Games, and Simulation Games

These video game genres are very popular, as they stretch beyond a video game consul.
Role playing games—like dungeons and dragons—requires more than one person to
play, but encompasses a story line with set characters. Each player will “get into
character” and continue on with the game dialogue. The winner is determined by the
rules of each game.

Puzzle games is a video game genre that can be found across different mediums. They
are basically puzzles that have gone electronic, or puzzles that stay in a physical form.
While it is a very basic video game genre, it stimulates the mind just as other video game
genres would.

Simulation games “simulate” different life-like experiences. One of the most popular
simulation game would be, the Sims.

4. Survival Horror and other Video Game Genres

Strategy, fighting, sports, dance, and survival horror are other video game genres that
are plentiful across the video game industry. Strategy games require concentration, as
does survival horror. Fighting games, such as street fighter, all you to virtually fight your
opponent, and sporting games allow you to be a part of a sporting team. Dance games
have been popular over the few years as combining an activity with a video game is a
happy medium between parents and their children.

Whatever your favorite video game genre might be, you have plentiful games for each
genre to satisfy your inner gamer!