Careers in the Video Game Industry

If you like playing video games, you might have considered working in such an industry. If you don’t have any idea where to begin, you should read this piece about possible jobs that you can apply for in the video game industry. Here are some career opportunities that you can think through.

  1. Games clerk

Before you go to the top, you need to work hard first. This is the simplest way to begin in this field. Lots of younger gamers often dream of being a video game clerk so they have access to the latest and hottest games and systems in the market. Being a games clerk also come with nice perks—they often receive notable discounts on what would usually be expensive products like games, gaming systems and accessories.

  1. Beta tester

Video games are tested thoroughly before they are sold. They undergo comprehensive evaluations first—the gaming industry is very particular about the products they sell to the public. The games should be free from bugs as much as possible so beta testers are needed. But it is not that easy to become a beta tester since it requires insider help. As soon as you become one though, you will get access to new games that the general public does not have any idea about just yet. You are also responsible for shaping the game into something that you and your fellow gamers will truly love.

  1. Game designer

If you are very creative and you want to work in the gaming industry, you can consider becoming a designer. The games for today’s picky lot of gamers require stunning graphics and this often entails the help of a very good games designer. If you have an excellent imagination, can make use of high-tech graphics software and keep track of directions, then you can apply for the position.

  1. Game critic/reviewer

As mentioned earlier, the video game industry is fussy with the products they come up with so they are constantly on the hunt for the best content. If you have a fondness for writing and games, then you can become a reviewer for game magazines or write excellent content for video game websites. You get paid for talking about the medium you love and get to share your opinions about it as well.

  1. Game programmer

Programmers for games are always in demand. In time, a gamer’s preferences changes and newer technologies are made. Programmers are there to cater to both the demands of the gamers and the gaming industry. To become a game programmer, you need to have extensive understanding and abilities in a number of unique developmental languages.

The best thing about working in the gaming industry is that it does not display any hint of waning—this is an industry that produces billions of dollars every year. These days, even universities and art schools now include courses meant for game programming and creation. There is always that opportunity for you to get paid just doing that activity you love. Just make sure to keep in check with the current goings-on within the industry, the hottest games being produced and obtain proper schooling and instructions as much as you can.


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