Game Consoles or Handheld Game Devices: Which is Better?

Video games are fun, stimulating and entertaining. It is no wonder millions of people around the world regardless of age, are engrossed with this pursuit. There are lots of ways that you can enjoy playing games this time around. You can opt for the classic system, which is the game console, or go for handier devices like handheld products.

However, what is the difference in how gamers want to enjoy their games? Are you somebody who goes for affordability or somebody who is willing to invest in expensive, current gaming products and accessories? Are you the type who likes getting into a game’s graphics, or concerned with the gameplay more? In this article, we are going to discuss the differences between consoles and handheld devices.


The first video games were meant to be played in desktop or personal computers. These games come in the form of floppy disks and it can be copied from a variety of computers. The consoles on the other hand, were created and this is a static unit which allows the games to be seen by means of another device like a television set. It can be played using a controller. Because of the console, video games are then made into cartridges since the programs were stored through microchips.

Handheld video game devices were then created after the console. It first came out with a black and white color, then changed into full color ones. There were also video companies who have produced their own handheld video game devices which need cartridges for bigger games. Whenever compact disks were utilized, new gaming systems were produced in order to use the new storage technology that is capable of storing a higher amount of data. This in turn mean better sound and graphics which will make it more appealing and interesting for gamers.


Here are some of the factors which players have to deal with when deciding over consoles and handheld video game devices.

  • Age

Players who are older often have careers so they can afford the latest in games and consoles. The younger gamers meanwhile choose to have something that is simpler so most often go for handheld devices like the Nintendo 3DS. Handheld devices like the 3DS also makes it more comfortable for smaller hands to handle.

  • Budget

Affordability is a factor as well when it comes to choosing over consoles and handheld game devices. Gamers who can afford the latest consoles often focus on the quality of the game while people who have a limited budget tend to be satisfied and make the most out of products they can get their hands on.

  • Portability

If you want to play anywhere, anytime, a handheld device is more convenient due to its size. As technology for games progresses, so does improvements in game quality. While consoles are excellent for use at home, you cannot really carry the system along with you while traveling.

What gamers select will be based on the budget, time and operation. Gamers might even prefer both units since it gives advantages that gamers can make the most of. It allows them to enjoy games whenever they need.



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