Games Tester: A Hot Video Gaming Industry Career

Do you love video games and want to spend the rest of your life playing your favorites? Do you want a cushy and enjoyable job in the video game industry? Then why not become a games tester? The video game industry rakes in billions every year and each month and lots of new games are launched. If you appreciate playing games for hours on end, you could get paid doing just that!

Becoming a Games Tester

Developers are always willing to invest in hiring beta testers since gamers are not fond of products that contain errors. We all know that feeling of downloading patches every now and then because of glitchy games. Hence before a video goes to production, the product requires a number of tests so developers can discover bugs and fix them ASAP. This is also to save the game’s marketing attempts from grievances coming from buyers.

Testing video games is a competitive field. You have to go to the right people and submit your application. You also have to pass the standards of an effective beta tester. Games tester need to have a keen eye for details, can perceive errors and bugs plus document them precisely and should have the patience to play a single game over and over. Games testers are also required to submit their reports frequently on time.

So how does one become a games tester?

If you enjoy playing video games, then it is recommended that you show your comprehension of the game by demonstrating your abilities. For instance, multi-player games tend to have a leader board which keeps track of the scores. While you do not have to be the best in the game, you must have sufficient skills to be considered as a knowledgeable and capable player.

It is also recommended that you try to participate in game developers’ forums so you can communicate with them. Typically, developers are always searching for feedback from such forums for more improvement ideas and errors. If you can accurately describe those bugs and bond with the developers, you may be invited by these developers to beta test their products.

You can also check out open beta programs and apply for them. Make sure to involve yourself in the process. If you have enough persistence to succeed in this field and become more proactive with developers, you can be rewarded with a seat in the industry as a bona fide games tester.

Writing game reviews is also a great step. With these reviews, you will be giving developers major insight to how much you like their games. If your reviews become popular, developers might send you their new games so you can evaluate them even if you are not a part of the beta testing group.

You have to keep in mind though that the procedure of applying for a paid beta tester job can be challenging. You have to do lots of research, discover proper information for the application, get the right sources and approach the right people. If you want to minimize your work though, you can instead register on membership sites where they share data with members for a fee.

Advantages of Being a Beta Tester


Being a beta tester has its excellent perks. You have flexible working time, you can play the game before it hits the market, you get access to cheat codes and secret levels and best of all, you get paid just doing the thing you love doing the most. You are also given the opportunity to rub elbows and work with the best and creative minds in the industry. This is a very priceless opportunity.




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