Historic Video Game Consoles

one of the first video game systems atari

Video games over the past 57 years

With history that goes as far back as the 1960’s, video game consoles are very prominent in homes across America. Video game consoles at one point had very small memory capacities, only being used for simpler games. As time advanced, so did technology. Soon video game consoles became more high-tech and were able to process more advanced games. The development of video games and video game consoles went hand in hand as time went on. The history of video game consoles, however, offers a unique insight of the video game world.

The beginnings

The first working prototype of a video game console was developed in 1967, and was known as the brown box. This video game console was only able to perform 6 simple games, such as ping pong—but it could be used on traditional TV’s during that time. The brown box was the start of the video game console evolution.

In 1972, the Magnavox Odyssey came out. This video game console was very similar to the brown box in ways such as silent video games, and only being able to handle a certain kind of video game. This video game console was able to hold more video games than its ancestor—the brown box—but the graphics were still primitive when compared to today’s video games.

During this time, home video game consoles were becoming more and more popular, encouraging other video game companies to adapt to the change. This is when Atari began putting out “hand-held” versions of their classic arcade games. It was not long before the Magnavox Odyssey began to follow the same trend, offering a small variety of home video game consoles for all of America.

The classics

In the late 1970s through the early 1980s, video games started to become more popular. One of the most influential video game consoles of this time was the Nintendo Color TV Game Series. Nintendo was still a developing company at this time, but will certainly go on to help lead the video game industry.

At this point, you probably have not heard of these historic video game consoles—but they were invented! These historic video game consoles opened the world to a whole new level of video games: home video game consoles. Now gamers across the country would not have to always to go to an arcade to play a video game, they could play some at home too!

Modern Day begins

Once you hit the 1980s, the video game console industry starts to become more popular. Video game enthusiasts are very familiar with old systems that were produced by Nintendo and SEGA—which were the two largest video game and video game console developers in the video game industry.

With SEGA’s Sega Master System and Nintendo’s NES (Nintendo Entertainment System), the video game console world was opened to a plethora of possibilities and development. These historic video game consoles may be a distant memory for most, but they laid the foundation for future video games and video game consoles. Think about it, everyone has to start somewhere!

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