Kinds of Video Game Systems

Video games, in order to be played, should be used along with a variety of devices like the main console, the controller and the visual display device. Gamers make use of the controller to produce a visual response on the video device. All of these are managed by the primary console.

Video game platforms are on a continuous change. Back then, people enjoyed pinball machines, then it later turned into arcade machines. Eventually more convenient game platforms were made like desktop computers, game consoles and mobile units.


  • Desktop computers


One of the most convenient forms of gaming platforms for players these days is the desktop computer, also known as the PC or personal computer. The hardware of the PC should come with a powerful primary memory and GPU or graphics processing unit. Powerful graphics processing units are believed to be recommended for producing the best output. Put together with other standard hardware like the monitor, mouse and keyboard, video games can be played without hassles.

The PC can also be configured with other extra units like joysticks in case the user wants to have an improved gaming experience. For more improvements, users can also supplement their platform with bigger TV screens through VGA or HDMI cables that the television offers.


  • Game consoles


Game consoles are units that are built specifically for playing video games. It includes input devices like the joystick and a primary unit which does all of the operations. Game consoles are typically connected to television screens so users can see the visual response of the gaming system.

There is a good number of consoles being sold in the market these days. The most popular among gaming consoles include the PlayStation 3, the Xbox 360 and the Nintendo Wii. Those products and the brands who produced them have become household names in the video game industry. There are also handheld ones for more convenience like the Nintendo DS3 and the PlayStation Vita. Handheld consoles are small, lightweight and come with their own display device.


  • Mobile gaming systems


Mobile devices have become really popular as of late so it is predictable that mobile games will also be created to accommodate the needs of mobile device-using gamers. Mobile games can be played on either a tablet or a smartphone. These devices are popular methods for playing mobile games. Mobile games are designed for the operating systems of today’s current phones. The most used operating systems for smartphones today are Android, iOS, Windows Mobile and Firefox OS.

There are lots of mobile games offered for smartphones and tablets due to the popularity of those gadgets. A game can be free or it can be purchased for a fee. It can be a simple game or one that comes with high-tech graphics. There are different mobile game genres being offered so you can have a nice variety of games for your gaming pleasure.

The platforms mentioned above are some of the most widely used gaming systems in the world today. Users’ preferences are always changing hence video game companies and developers are often looking for ways to make the video gaming experience even better. Expect to see more upgrades and innovations in the future for those products.


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