The Best Video Game Consoles Ever Made

Greatest Video Game Consoles Available on Market

There have been quite a few video game consoles developed over the last 40+ years. I want to give a disclaimer starting out, that I have a bias to Microsoft and the XBOX platform. With That said, I want to highlight some amazing video game consoles and the games that have come along with them.


My favorite system of all time is the XBOX One. But, like I said I am biased. I love that I can talk to it. Laying in bed and I do not know where my controller is? Just talk to it ! Boom I am now watching the new show I wanted to watch.

Nintendo Switch

I bought the Nintendo Switch for my little cousin. Man is it cool! All of the versatility ! We can play on long car rides. We can use the joysticks like a racing wheel for Mario Kart. The options are endless and using it on the go is major for kids. Not exactly the best graphics, but way more improved than other older Nintendo game consoles. My mom took the kids to the spa with her yesterday and it was wonderful having the Nintendo Switch. The kids chilled and enjoyed themselves the entire 1.5 hours while mom was getting a massage.

Game consoles give us a great option to be able to play on large tvs. I am not a fan of computer gaming at all. Just not my thing. I will continue to play my game consoles and enjoy myself.

Check out this really cool video from a top content producer about the bets video game consoles of all time. They really have an in depth guide to the best of the best. But overall, it is important for you to enjoy your system and the type of games that you play.

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Enjoy your video games. They are an amazing escape from everyday life. Enjoy your time. Enjoy your life. Love what you are doing! Comment below what your favorite video game consoles are!